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Review: The Face Shop Face It One-Step BB Cleanser

I've just ran out of my favorite cleanser which is gold but unfortunately hard to purchase here in the Philippines. So I had to find a quick replacement and found one from The FACE Shop. They only had one of such oil cleansers at the branch I went to - Face It One Step BB Cleanser.

According to the SA, it's an oil that will become soapy upon addition of water, which is what I was expecting it to do. I wanted a one-step cleansing method to save time - but for such to work, the cleanser has to be workable, and it should clean well.

So how did it perform? 

Review: Mentholatum Sunplay Clear Water SPF 50 PA+++

Summer or not, I am adamant with sunscreen use, and recently, a local drugstore is finally selling one of the sunscreens I've been dying to try. Surely, the wait was totally worth it and I'm happy I can share this product with everyone. Here's my review for Mentholatum's Sunplay Clear Water Sunscreen, with SPF 50 and PA+++.

Review: Human Heart Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil (or any other sunflower oil)

Today, I will be reviewing a product which is quite intriguing for me, thanks to my office mate's very energetic raving and it's purported  "23 miracles in a single bottle". One miracle is enough to rouse the skeptic in me, but 23? Oh boy! This review for Human Heart Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil is probably the  most exciting one I've done.